About Massage

My philosophy regarding massage centers around two important guidelines:

  • No pain, period. If you are feeling unpleasant pain, I am doing something wrong. Some people get nervous about massage, especially when they hear words like “deep tissue.” But no matter how much I may help you to restructure your own body I always work deeply, not painfully.
  • Focus on quantitative and qualitative change using proven methods. While good feelings and positive intent are important, it is even more important to be very down-to-earth when dealing with the human body. I guess what I’m saying here is that I am not going to read your “aura.” Additionally, I don’t provide: Chakra balancing, lightwork, anything Newage, crystal ball reading, tarot cards, or astrology. Massage can be so effective all by it’s own, there is something miraculous about people using their hands to help free on another from debilitating pain. I don’t think we need to bring in that other mess.

I have been a working Licensed Massage Therapist since the summer of 2006. I received excellent training in Bellevue, WA, and graduated from an 800+ hour program that focused heavily on working with people in pain and discomfort.

There are a lot of different ways to approach massage. I have chosen Pain Management and Sports Massage because I enjoy helping people be free from pain, and also because I enjoy problem solving.

I think it goes back to my love of puzzle games.

Knotted muscle trapped underneath twisted connective tissue can be a bit of a challenging puzzle all by itself.

About Me

My name is Pista Szabo (PEE-shta), I have lived in Anchorage, Alaska since 1989, and I have seen the many changes it has already gone through. I look forward to seeing what the future brings to this beautiful city.

My name is Hungarian and means something like “Stevie”. My family left communist Yugoslavia, and moved to Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Eventually, my mother and father moved to Alaska and I have been here ever since. I speak German fluently and like to take a trip that way whenever I can manage it.

I have a great many hobbies and interests including: hiking (naturally!), riding my bike around beautiful Anchorage, reading and writing, music (everything from Ol’ Hank to Nina Simone to David Bowie), playing my ukulele, and a bunch of other stuff.

I enjoy video games, but not so much that I forget what grass smells like. People get really caught up in those things, and I’d love to do the same sometimes. Maybe I’ll buy whatever game system is brand new in 40 years and take those kids to school. Moo hoo ha ha.

This winter I’ll be commuting via bicycle for the first time. Wish me luck!

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Norway Alaska Building

203 W 15th Ave. Suite 203
Anchorage, AK 99501

Located at the corner of 15th and Cst.


I have online booking!

I am happy to offer hours of operation to accommodate a variety of schedules.

The very best way to get in touch with me is to either email, or call me. Please note that I am very rarely able to answer my phone. Please leave a detailed message on what kind of day and/or time of day you are interested in and we will find something that works for you.




Christmas (23-26)
Thanksgiving (varies)
Labor Day
September 27th


A $40 same-day cancellation fee applies to your next visit.